Who are we?

Manhari International opened its doors to scrap metal recycling in 2007 and has grown to become a renowned name in Victoria’s Metal Recycling industry since. Manhari International started off by opening its gates to public and industrial drop off only and slowly started industrial pickups by taking advantage of its fleet of trucks. 

In 2009 Manhari International expanded to country Victoria and provided local business & councils an opportunity to help to recycle metal waste and keeping Victoria clean and green.

Manhari International initially supplied local foundries & industries with scrap metal and we have moved on since. Currently, we are one of the biggest exporters of steel & aluminium in Victoria and exporting most of the scrap metal products all around the world including the biggest manufacturing giants like India & China.

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Manhari Recycling

What our customers have to say about us?

  • review rating 5  Sold my scrap VT there! great price and service.

    thumb anjeet singh
  • review rating 5  Best scrap metal prices in all of Melbourne.

    thumb Amandeep Kaur